Launched the Web Site And Started Podcast Distribution

Submitted by JBICT.Net Administrator on 2016/12/15(Thu) 15:00

Japan Blind ICT Network (JBICT.Net) is a group of blind individuals who just started working toward founding a self-help organization of people with visual impairment for ICT related works. We just launched this Web site for our group.

As our first content, we started distributing podcast.

In the first episode, three founding members talk about our mission and goal.

From episode #2 onward, we will be distributing interviews we did at the Sight World 2016 event. (The content is the same as ones being distributed on AccSell, the accessibility information site.)

(Please note that podcast is in Japanese.)

Most part of this Web site is still under construction and we are making adjustment from time to time. In the meanwhile, please enjoy our podcast.

For more information about JBICT.Net, please refer to: About JBICT.Net.

If you are interested in supporting our activity, or if you have any comment on our podcast, etc., please contact us through our contact form.